The Wednesday Spotlight: 04-14-10

12 04 2010

I’m changing the way I write the Wednesday Spotlight. Instead of yammering about the titles I’m probably not going to pick up, I’ve decided to spotlight what I’m most likely going get this week and what else I’m likely to get if I had the extra money. So, hit the jump button and let’s get this thing started, shall we?

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What I ended up picking up this week: 4-07-10

11 04 2010

This was a pretty good week for comics, I was able to pick up SHIELD #1, Ultimate Comics X #2, Batman and Robin #11 and Spider-Man: Fever as a replacement for Invincible Returns #1 which I couldn’t find in my LCS. I was also able to pick up several comics that I neglected to pickup, Green Lantern #52 and Amazing Spider-Man #626.

So – what did I think of all of them? Hit the jump button to find out.
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Grant Morrison’s Batman: Batman in Bethlehem

10 04 2010

Welcome to the next part in my series of posts on Grant Morrison’s Batman. Today, I’m taking on Batman #666, ‘Batman in Bethlehem,’ an issue which takes place in a possible future where Damian Wayne has taken up the cowl of the Batman.

I’d say that this issue has the most amount of hints and teases of the future of Grant’s run. It didn’t happen immediately because we didn’t see any of these things come into play until he launched Batman and Robin. Because of that, there will be spoilers for Batman and Robin in this post.

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What’s next for Dick Grayson?

8 04 2010

Many fans have been waiting ever since it was revealed that Bruce Wayne was displaced in time during Final Crisis #7 for the moment of his return. It’s happening this April with Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 shipping this May. On the flip-side, many other fans have been wondering what will happen to Dick Grayson when Bruce finally returns.

Now, according to the recent Wondercon, Dick Grayson will be part of the Justice League of America as Batman for at least two more years. On top of that, I think that Grant Morrison’s ‘season two’ of Batman and Robin will still be featuring Dick Grayson under the cowl. I’m rather doubtful of James Robinson’s word with regards to the Justice League of America’s roster because the membership has been editorially driven as of late. I think it’s had four major revisions since it’s relaunch in 2006 – that’s a lot if you were wondering.

So as of right now, I’m guessing that we’re getting at least one more year worth of stories with Dick Grayson under the cowl. Supposing his tenure as Batman ends there, what happens next? I share four possible ideas that might play out under the cut. Oh, and please be warned that there will be spoilers for Batman and Robin.
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Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Three Ghosts of Batman and The Black Casebook

7 04 2010

Today in my series of Grant Morrison posts I plan to tackle Batman #664 and 665, ’The Three Ghosts of Batman’ and ‘The Black Casebook.’ Rereading these two issues, I felt that they both tried to deal with what Batman fears the most. Of course, this does strike me as somewhat odd because Batman used Thogal to remove every trace of fear in his mind. It does say in a future issue that he used Thogal to hunt down and eat all the traces of fear and doubt he had left. One of those things was death.

But what of his past mistakes and failures? Do they still haunt him? According to these issues, yes they still do.
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The Brightest Day – What’s worth a look?

6 04 2010

Welcome to the second part of my two-part look on DC and Marvel’s newest publishing initiatives, The Brightest Day and the Heroic Age.  This half of the post covers DC’s side of the equation, The Brightest Day. Check out what I had to say about the Heroic Age by clicking over here.

Just like in The Wednesday Spotlight, click on the comic’s name to be brought to a page with it’s cover art and solicitation text. Also, the solicits in the links might contain spoilers for future DC events and for the Blackest Night as well, so caution please.
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Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Clown at Midnight

5 04 2010

Welcome back. Today, I’m looking to tackle Batman #663, ’The Clown at Midnight.’ I’d say that this is the most interesting work Morrison has done on the title, because it’s done completely in prose. But this isn’t the first time an issue of Batman was presented in prose, I did a little Googling and found out that  there was an old story by Denny O’Neil and Marshall Rogers called ‘Death Strikes at Midnight and Three’ that was presented in the same way – prose with a illustrated art here and there.

Other than Death Strikes at Midnight and Three, this issue seems to tie-in a bit to Morrison’s Arkham Asylum, A Serious House on Serious Earth which, quite honestly, is one of my least favorite of his works on Batman. However the connection to Arkham Asylum is tangential at best, so it’s not really required reading to understand this story.

Anyway, this issue is primarily about The Joker’s death and subsequent rebirth into a new personality. So let’s get started shall we?

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