Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – The Trailer and Why You Should Check The Movie Out

1 04 2010

Since I’ve started advertising on Facebook, I’ve decided to create content that would be more palatable to a larger group of people but still related to realm of comics. While this might be a little old by the Internet’s standards, I’m going to write about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and why YOU should be excited for the upcoming movie adaptation.

Currently, Scott Pilgrim is a series of five, soon to be six, digest-sized paperbacks written by Canadian cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley.  It stars Scott Pilgrim – an ‘indecisive loser-hero hybrid’ who is played by Michael Cera whom you might know from Arrested Development.

Our indecisive, loser-hero hybrid

As of volume 1, which is so far the only volume I‘ve read because I don‘t think they have it anywhere over here, Scott’s 23 years old, currently jobless, bassist for a local band called Sex Bob-omb, and boyfriend to a high school girl named Knives Chau. His world is turned upside-down when he, first dreams about, and then meets Ramona Flowers. Scott finds out that the only way to date her is to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends in mortal combat. Yeah – seriously. And it’s totally awesome.

I read the first volume on a whim after the trailer and I did not regret it one bit.

The comic book is hilarious, blending comics culture, video games, and the independent music scene to form a perfect amalgamation of everything I enjoy. That is backed up by strong characters, an outlandish concept, and wonderful, wonderful humor. It’s perfect, a book I’d recommend to anybody – regardless of whether you read comics or not.

The perfect example: Comic book reference + Guitar Hero + Shredding = Awesome.

The movie looks good as far as most adaptations go. They picked a great director, Edgar Wright, who was responsible for one of my favorite comedies ever – Shaun of the Dead. If there’s anyone in the world who could blend the humor and insane action that is Scott Pilgrim into a workable movie – it’s him.

I can’t say much about the cast because I’m only really familiar with Michael Cera from his days on Arrested Development and his starring role in Superbad. I’m kind of iffy with him because he normally plays the role of the ‘socially awkward’ teenager and Scott is anything but that. His performance could make or break the movie, to be honest. So I’m hoping that he plays Scott differently.

One thing I really enjoyed about the trailer was the addition of  comic book sound effects and videogame sound bytes to the movie. I asked a couple of people and they thought that ‘[the effects] looked goofy and silly,’ But I’d say that’s the point. It’s part of the charm of the series and I’m glad that they made the transition to the big screen.

Personally, I’m really excited to see this film. It genuinely looks funny, it has a fantastic direct attached to it, and it’s based off a fantastic series. If anything I said or you saw in the trailer caught your attention I’d say go watch the movie. It’s utterly fun and I’m sure you won’t regret watching it.




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