The Wednesday Reader is a blog about comics and comics culture. It was created, primarily, to encourage me to do something productive and perhaps even sharpen my writing skills in my free time instead of bumming around doing nothing. I’ve read comic books all my life but only began collecting them recently, perhaps roughly a year and a half ago so I’m not well-verse with some of the older events of yesteryear – barring Batman, of course. So, yeah – I hope you enjoy the blog, I encourage comments so how about dropping a few in my articles?

Currently, I read quite a few comics but I notice that quite a handful of them come from the Bat-Universe. I’m currently short three Marvel titles, would anybody want to recommend any?


One response

10 06 2010

Hey, I notice things have been kinda quiet around here of late. I just thought I’d let you know I enjoyed your blog and still check back from time-to-time.

If you’re looking for Marvel recommendations – I’m a trade-paperback reader myself, so I love the Bendis/Brubaker Daredevil runs. And Morrison’s X-Men. I think that is a perfect fit for him.

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