The Heroic Age – What’s worth a look?

4 04 2010

With Blackest Night over and SIEGE wrapping up in a few week’s time, I thought it would be appropriate to look over the new titles that are going to debut or be re-branded by MARVEL and DC’s newest publishing initiatives and perhaps discuss what might be worth picking up in the coming months. This is a two-part post and this half covers Marvel’s Heroic Age.

Just like in The Wednesday Spotlight, click on the comic’s name to be brought to a page with it’s cover art and solicitation. Also, the solicits in the links might contain spoilers for future Marvel events.
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The Wednesday Spotlight: 04/07/10

3 04 2010

So, welcome to a new series of posts spotlighting the newest and most notable weekly releases this Wednesday. In here, I’ll be covering everything from the action figures to the trade paper backs that will be heading to your local comic book store this Wednesday. I’ll also be talking about the various releases that I’ll be picking up and what I think of them. So let’s get started, shall we? Click on the comic’s name to go to the site with it’s solicitation and cover art.
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Grant Morrison’s Batman: Batman and Son Part Two

2 04 2010

This is the second and final part of my series of posts on Batman and Son. The first part can be found by clicking here. This second half covers the last two issues, Batman #657 and Batman #658.
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Grant Morrison’s Batman: Batman and Son Part One

1 04 2010

After that rather long introduction, we finally get to the run ‘proper’ if you will, with Batman and Son. This story is based off an old graphic novel called Batman: Son of the Demon from the late 80’s which was removed from continuity after the events of Zero Hour.

From what I understand based off a little research, Morrison’s story doesn’t have much to do with the original barring the notion that Batman has a son. Now, due to the length of the original post, I’ve decided to split this up into two separate parts. Part one covers Batman #655 and Batman #656. Also, please note that there will be spoilers here for Batman RIP.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – The Trailer and Why You Should Check The Movie Out

1 04 2010

Since I’ve started advertising on Facebook, I’ve decided to create content that would be more palatable to a larger group of people but still related to realm of comics. While this might be a little old by the Internet’s standards, I’m going to write about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and why YOU should be excited for the upcoming movie adaptation.

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Grant Morrison’s Batman: An Introduction and 52

30 03 2010

Grant Morrison‘s run on Batman has spanned well over 30 thirty issues and in it he has taken Batman into a completely new and different direction after several years of grounded detective stories. He’s played up the ‘superhero’ aspect of the character by incorporating elements that haven’t been associated with Batman for over decades, from Silver and Golden Age zaniness reimagined and reincorporated for the Modern Era, to space gods, and the devil himself, Morrison has taken Batman and his cast of characters out of their comfort zones and into the bizarre and grand. What I love about it the most is that it reads like an older comic book from a simpler time where you could honestly believe that anything could happen to the hero, a quality that very few comic books have nowadays.

His run, while not only being a fun romp through the Batman universe, has been layered with details and references to older stories from the very beginning. Which makes the task of rereading it very rewarding as every single thing he has brought up has come up time and time again in later issues. Which brings me to this post. I’ve decided to reread his run from the very beginning and discuss and point out details that will hopefully come into play later. Think of this as a retrospective look with several annotations here and there.

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