The Wednesday Spotlight: 04-14-10

12 04 2010

I’m changing the way I write the Wednesday Spotlight. Instead of yammering about the titles I’m probably not going to pick up, I’ve decided to spotlight what I’m most likely going get this week and what else I’m likely to get if I had the extra money. So, hit the jump button and let’s get this thing started, shall we?

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What I ended up picking up this week: 4-07-10

11 04 2010

This was a pretty good week for comics, I was able to pick up SHIELD #1, Ultimate Comics X #2, Batman and Robin #11 and Spider-Man: Fever as a replacement for Invincible Returns #1 which I couldn’t find in my LCS. I was also able to pick up several comics that I neglected to pickup, Green Lantern #52 and Amazing Spider-Man #626.

So – what did I think of all of them? Hit the jump button to find out.
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The Heroic Age – What’s worth a look?

4 04 2010

With Blackest Night over and SIEGE wrapping up in a few week’s time, I thought it would be appropriate to look over the new titles that are going to debut or be re-branded by MARVEL and DC’s newest publishing initiatives and perhaps discuss what might be worth picking up in the coming months. This is a two-part post and this half covers Marvel’s Heroic Age.

Just like in The Wednesday Spotlight, click on the comic’s name to be brought to a page with it’s cover art and solicitation. Also, the solicits in the links might contain spoilers for future Marvel events.
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